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Oprah: 'The World Is A Mess' PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Morphus on Thursday, 25 August 2011 05:00   

"My greatest desire is to fulfill the highest, truest expression of myself as a Human being," she wrote. "I'm still on that journey."


If that is your desire as well, join me every night as we explore new ways of looking at Life, and how it works for all of us."

But Oprah clearly had more troubling things on her mind. She said that the show was important because things were so dire in the world:

The world is a mess. We all know it and talk about in our private lives. It's depressing and overwhelming at times to look at how much potential we have and yet we're constantly bombarded by images and information that speaks to the lowest common denominator. We can do better. We can be better. I know it's true.
Oprah has increasingly turned to Facebook to send her fans messages about what's going on in her life, as well as to open up about the struggles of running the OWN network.

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Time to Repeal ALEC/NRA Stand Your Ground Laws: The acquittal of George Zimmerman for killing unarmed high-schooler Trayvon Martin serves as a reminder of the continuing inequities in America's criminal justice system. ...
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