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Removing Stigma from Suicide PDF Print E-mail
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As national mental health awareness month continues, those who have lost a loved one to suicide work hard towards removing the stigma from suicide. No one is quite sure why, but human beings are taught from childhood that suicidal people are not good people. There is something wrong with them and they are not only going to hurt themselves but they can hurt others.

None of this of course is true. Clearly not a single study can confirm or validate this at all, yet as a society, we tend to believe what is taught to us. This is how stigma is created.

May is mental health awareness month and part of the goal is to remove stigma, and this stigma is what surrounds most people when it comes time to suicide.

One of the most difficult elements found in suicide bereavement versus normal bereavement is the stigma experienced by survivors. People say the taking of ones life is a sin therefore there is a large stigma attached to suicide. In certain religions, those who take their own lives are not allowed to have a Christian burial. Families are often forced to lie so they can burry their dead.

Stigma is one of the biggest barriers to healing a loss due to suicide. When you say suicide is preventable to someone who lost a loved one to suicide, it serves no purpose and actually causes problems. Many people who have lost a loved on to suicide have tried to get help for their loved one. In fact, many of their loved ones have either been in to see a counselor or were on medications.

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