‘Justice League’ Is Reportedly Losing Money?

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Barring an unlikely strong word-of-mouth boost, Forbes predicts Justice League will bring in $235 million domestically, with another $400 million internationally.

For most movies, a $96 million opening weekend would be a cause for celebration. That’s more money than John Wick: Chapter Two — a great film that you should watch with the entire family this holiday weekend — made in its entire run. But Justice League isn’t most movies. It’s DC’s Avengers, the long-awaited team-up of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and, uh, Cyborg, I guess. That $96 million is less than Batman vs. Superman‘s $160 million, Suicide Squad‘s $133 million, and Wonder Woman‘s $103 million, and a fraction of the film’s reported $300 million budget. (And that doesn’t even include the rumored $150 million in global marketing.)


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